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Burger Bros

For some odd reason, burger cravings strike us late in the evening when places are about to close. Getting rugged up on a winter night takes more effort than expected. A google search told me that this was the only place that was open and near enough to where I was at that time. The place was a little hard to find as it was located at the Harbourside market and not very well lit. But the food was AMAZING!!!!!

What we ordered:

  1. Beached AZ : Lettuce, Beer battered fish fillet, egg, cheese

  2. The Bro : Hand pressed premium beef patty, Soft egg, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelised Onion,     Aioli, Watties tomato sauce

  3. Cheese fries (We upgraded the chippies that were served with our burgers)

  4. Aioli

  5. Thick shakes (Banana and Chocolate)

The wait wasn’t too bad –  But, when you’re hungry and the tables next to you have sumptuous looking burgers, hunger pangs are a tad bit worst!  When we finally got our food, heaven awaited.  

The fish burger was THE best that I’ve had so far. The burger was bigger than my face, but never mind that, it was a huge pile of awesomeness. Freshly battered fish, a soft egg and one whole heap of sloppy mess. I rarely finish my meals if they are more than the standard serving size, but I scoffed down every bit of this as it was just that good. For every trip I’ve made here ever since, I usually get my egg well done as I’m not a huge fan of sloppy eating outside the comfort of my home.

We had to pay for the sauces, but the aioli was lovely. I reckon it was home made and the perfect complement to our meals. My partner in crime and I discovered this place on a whim and our food haul is here to stay. Hands down, this is one of our favs. I didn’t taste “The Bro” but I had a try of some of the caramelised onion and om nom nom was it sheer joy. 


Beached Az with Cheese Fries and a Thick Shake to Boot! 😉

The cheese fries came with a sauce that put the cheese in cheesy. The thick shakes had to sit for awhile as it was just that thick. The straw required more effort to suck it up but after a short sit out and more pigging out, even that disappeared. Although I had to take my shake away and have that on the way home, it was still heavenly.

After this wonderful experience, I’ve recommended it to other mates and even gotten some of them addicted to it – unintentionally of course. It was here that Angels Escapades was conceptualized, just for the record. Give it a shot and see if this catches your fancy. I’ve not tried the other burgers as I’m just satisfied with my fish burger, but hopefully the rest don’t disappoint either.


Address:  610 Oxley Drive, Biggera Waters, Gold Coast, QLD (It is right opposite Harbourtown Shopping Centre). They also have other outlets.

Phone:  (07) 5537 4619

Opening Hours: Tues to Sun (11am – 8pm)


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