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Bonjour! Welcome to Angel’s Escapades.


Lifestyle| Mental Health Advocate| F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early) | Foodie

This site was started to encapsulate my escapades after a dear friend sparked the idea off in me. 

Various aspects and experiences will be shared on this platform and across IG. It IS possible to live and enjoy life without just going through mundane daily routines. We aim to share a multi-faceted lifestyle - of quality - with you.

Making the most out of things without room for regrets is what I usually try to go by. Mistakes are just learning curves & optimism never hurts! Living & enjoying a wholesome lifestyle IS possible, and don't forget to  Live, laugh, love, learn & play. 

Tag along on my journey, join the community & check some of the adventures out to make it your own if it sparks your interest. Who knows, you might re-discover a new tangent in your personal escapades! Feel free to holler and share your thoughts or just to say hi!


#And…. as a Finance geek… I have to add this in: Standard disclaimers/waivers do apply.

“The use or trials of all places, concepts, techniques and tools listed should be based on your own due diligence when it comes to making decisions, verified and supported by guidance obtained separately from your business advisory/ health/welfare professionals etc. You should consult a licensed business advisor, attorney, accountant, financial professional or any other advisor for any significant decision-making at your own risk”


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