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Boom Boom Burgers

The trip to Boom Boom Burgers was a little bit of a last minute last ditch attempt when a burger craving struck my party of 4. The place was a little hard to find and easy to miss at night. Good thing we had GPS and the quaint joint had fairy lights at the entrance. We made the detour here to devour burgers, but it was little bit of a disappointment upon looking at the serving sizes and considering that some of us had huge appetites that day.  It was rather quiet on a weekend evening, but with winter, I guess it was expected. 

What we ordered:

  1. A smoky burger special  

  2. Sliders (Fish, Boom Bang, Chicken),

  3. Fishnet Burger (I’ve been a pescatarian for the past couple of years, but when I travel/am faced with an interesting option, I do make an attempt to try something exotic)

  4. Sides: Puff Potatoes (Signature), Onion Rings


Smoky Burger..Whoosh

When I order my burgers, I like – no, Need – my chippies. Having a burger served without chips was a letdown. Mates said that their smoky burger was alright, but they did not particularly feel satisfied with the way the beef was cooked. I reckon they were more of a medium rare standard- based purely on looks- whilst they requested for well done. The entrance of the dish (with a covered platter that released a gush of smoke), was impressive.  I half expected the dry ice and water effect that would be revealed, but it was a genuine smoke-worthy cookout serve .

My fish burger was alright. I doubt I’d go back for it again but the fish was fresh. I’ve had some pretty good fish burgers and from what I’ve tried, this would come in as the 3rd best here on the Gold Coast. Do bear in mind that the sample pool is fairly small considering that most places do not serve fish burgers. It’s almost a hit or miss kind of option really.

Friends ordered the sliders and shared but the sliders are just miniature versions of the burgers. Based on hearsay, it wasn’t enough as a meal. One might have to get a few – depending on how hungry you are.

The signature puff potatoes and onion rings were big enough to share and we loved it – having to call dibs on the last piece in a share plate kinda good. The onion rings did not taste processed, rather it was literally like an actual onion coated in just the right amount of batter. We had to pay for sauces on the side, but we didn’t mind it too much.

And finally, what’s a Saturday night out without a couple of drinks?! Some of us shared a carafe of Sangria – the Designated Drivers had just 1 standard drink. But with good conversation, some classic sangria and an interesting bunch, the night out was pleasant enough.  The place isn’t that big, but on a Saturday night, we expected them to open a little longer. Considering the chatterbox(es) at the table, our convos extended into the car park until the chills kicked in and sent us home!


Address: 9 Burra Street Chevron Island 4217

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday


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