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Barefoot Barista

An interesting place for brunch with an option to sit indoors or outdoors. I discovered a new area inside the cafe that seemed like Narnia awaits – for those who know the reference – with a hanging Babylon theme going on.


What we ordered:

  1. Breakfast board

  2. Zucchini Haloumi Fritters Salad

  3. Chai Latte

  4. Mocha

The service was good and the coffee/drinks were on point!


I had the breakfast board and my friend had the zucchini haloumi fritters salad that came with a t poached egg. As girly catch-up brunches usually go, the usual banter and life story exchanges are part and parcel of our usual dates. We checked this place out and I was pleasantly surprised. The Breakfast board seemed a tad bit overpriced (at $19) when I got my food, however, I could tell that the quality of ingredients used were top-notch upon tasting some of the deconstructed bits.

My brekky board consisted of baked mushroom, avocado, fresh tomatoes, Meredith goat cheese, poached eggs, wife made chutney & toasted organic sourdough. The goat cheese and chutney were the only highlights for me on this board and I was left just satiated and content. My chai latte was impressively spiced and I enjoyed it. My friend enjoyed her cuppa of mocha too. This place sure has good coffee!


Zucchini Haloumi Fritters (I absolutely loved this!)

The fritters salad were out of this world!! I had a try of it and enjoyed the few mouthfuls more than I did my brekky board.  I love my haloumi and salads & the fritters had just the right amounts of haloumi and other bits blended perfectly. I dipped it in my chutney and the taste was just pure delight. The salad with tabbouleh and all things healthy was a delightful combo when paired with the fritters.

We enjoyed our brekky and left – a tad bit stuffed – contemplating where dessert awaited!


Opening Hours:  5.30am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday 


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