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Dune Cafe

A lagoon sided brekky! Om nom nom.. Attracted to this place by the friend’s choice of cuisine & research. Dune Cafe is located in the Palm Beach Parklands, overlooking the beautiful Currumbin Lagoon. On a bright and sunny day – where staying indoors should be considered illegal – we ventured here for the lovely view and the fresh and seasonal food.

What we ordered:

  • Haloumi Salad

  • Burger Special with bacon

  • Milk Shake

  • Chai Latte

The haloumi was done to perfection. Together with the pine nuts, fresh greens and pumpkin, the salad was a delightful combination. I wasn’t too hungry to begin with, but this was just satisfying. I’d go back just to have more of the haloumi.

The chai was pretty alright and could be served hotter. It was aromatic and had a lovely tang to it. The milkshake was creamy and a treat for the weather. I didn’t put much thought into the details of my food while eating as the haloumi had floored me completely. The view was just amazing and we were soaking it up on a lovely morning while having our brekky. Food and a sight to be lost in thought!




Phone: (07) 5521 0951

Opening Hours: 6am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday (Hours vary seasonally)

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