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Madame Wu

As pretty as the amazing view of the Brisbane River, Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point and Brisbane CBD skyline was, I had to distract myself long enough to look at the menu and place an order! I went for a friend’s birthday dinner and sampled a few dishes off Madame Wu’s menu. Perks of dining in a group of 7 was that we got to try more dishes! Exotic and an eclectic mix of  fusion is what I’d describe this place as. Hailing from a country that I would reckon has some pretty great asian food, this doesn’t disappoint at all. Worth a trip for the food and view!


What we ordered:

  1. Pan Fried Scallop Dumplings, verjus butter and black tobiko

  2. Mushroom stir fried then braised in jorim broth with steamed tofu

  3. Crispy  Tea Salted  Duck, King Brown Mushrooms, Taro Cake, Soy &  Black Vinegar

  4. Fried Brown Rice with Egg, Baby Corn & Peas

  5. Piju Yu, Snapper Guilin Style in Tsingtao Beer

  6. Rice Crusted Wagyu Brisket, Wok Tossed Mushrooms & Asparagus, Pickled Chilli Oyster Sauce

  7. Mad Hatter’s Tea (Cocktail that definitely left a pleasant after taste!) & other cocktails

It was a fairly busy Sunday evening and when our cocktails came out, they were mixed up. The wrong cocktail looked almost sunrise-y and was tasted more like a juice cocktail than anything else. When the Mad hatter’s arrived, we got to keep both of the jugs as we didn’t even realise that we received the wrong drink earlier and the mad hatter with jasmine green tea hit the spot!

The entree came out and we could have stopped then and left more than satisfied but we went the whole hog. I absolutely loved the scallop dumplings that were truly a complex fusion of flavours. Tobiko is one of my favs and it was a delight to have that on the scallops. We had to wait a fair bit for the rest of the mains, but they were worth the wait. The mains that we ordered to share should have been designed as such, but this could probably be sorted by ordering more.

The brown fried rice – a first for me – was pretty spot on. It was a hit among the group and we eyed it while it made its rounds on the table. Not too oily or over-seasoned, it was the perfect complement to the fish and mushrooms (for me, as I didn’t try the rest of the meat).  The snapper was fresh and had an interesting bite to it as it was with beer. I’m not a huge fan of beer and I enjoyed this as the beer was cooked out of the dish.

I did try the taro cake (minus the duck) and the nearest thing that I can describe is to, is a croquette with soft insides. Not a huge fan of this, but I guess it’s a bit of an acquired taste. The rest who tried the wagyu, raved about it melting in their mouths – a few had not tried wagyu before and were in heaven after this experience.

Overall, this place wasn’t inexpensive, but the food was generally consistently delicious, beautifully presented and innovative in terms of tastes. The service could do with some sprucing up though. The cake went to the wrong table, when it did get to ours, the birthday boy was mistaken AND by the time he got the cake, the sparklers were all gone. (When the cake arrived, the place was relatively quieter than when we arrived). Doubt there was much of an excuse considering that, but oh well, the food was Yummy! We left with happy and overly stuffed tummies/ food babies.


Address:  Upper Plaza Level, Riparian Plaza 71, Eagle Street, BRISBANE, QLD 4000

Phone:  (07) 3229 5070

Opening Hours:  12pm – Late, Monday to Sunday


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