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Iso-Resources To Keep Busy

SEA Aquarium in SG - 2015

Resource List

Here is a list of resources for you to check out and spend your days in isolation/quarantine. 😊

*Usual disclaimers apply*.

I am not affiliated with these sites. I have found them useful and would just like to spread the word in case you or someone you know find it beneficial. Some links are those that I have come across/looked up, while the rest are from friends’ suggestions. If you know of any and would like to spread the word around, let us know and the post will be updated. Although some are stated as for kids, it could appeal to the inner kid in you or the child within. Feel free to explore some of them - I looked up some of them and found it handy!

Numbers 60 -67 are some Mental Health Resources that you may want to bookmark, should the need arise.

Meanwhile, Stay Safe and Healthy. We will get through this together, one step at a time.


Angel’s Escapades

List updated: Sep 2020


1 ⭐101 things to do with kids - here

2 ⭐ABC (Educational resources) - here

3 ⭐Adult Yoga Classes - here

4 ⭐Art Classes - Creative Bug - here

5 ⭐Art Engagement (The Metropolitan Museum) - here

6 ⭐Boost writing confidence with Storybird - here

7 ⭐Carson Ellis' Art Club - here

(Carson Ellis, author and illustrator posts art assignments on her IG page every weekday morning. If you want to share them, you can use the hashtag #quarantineartclub. She’ll also provide individual hashtags for each exercise so everyone can see each other’s work)

8 ⭐Children’s books read by famous people - here

9 ⭐Children's Art Appreciation (Play games, conduct investigations, and explore different forms of art) - here

10 ⭐Coding for 4-10 year olds - here

11 ⭐Coloring Sheets - here

12 ⭐Coursera (Online courses from top universities and leading companies) - here

13 ⭐Crafts and activities - here

14 ⭐Create interactive avatars to showcase children’s learning - Voki - here

15 ⭐Daily drawing lessons (Mo Willems, the author of ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Stay up Late’ uploads lessons daily) - here

16 ⭐Digital Learning (Anything and Everything is covered) - here

17 ⭐Discover the wonder of Learning with Wonderopolis (Short videos and texts that answer various burning questions for children. There are vocabulary challenges and comprehension questions) - here

18⭐Education: Large collection of Online Resources on Various Topics (For All Ages) - here

19 ⭐Education: Public List of free Resources by The Facebook group Amazing Educational Resources - here

20 ⭐Education: Full online curriculums for Kids (ABC Mouse) - here

21 ⭐Educational games K-12 (Breakout Edu) - here

22 ⭐Electoral System of Australia Teacher Resources - here

23 ⭐English Resources - here

24⭐Exercise - The Body Coach TV - here

25 ⭐Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover - here

26 ⭐For budding Marine Biologists (Take a deep dive into ocean life)- here

27 ⭐Free online Courses (Google search) – here

28⭐Free Virtual Acting Classes by Virginia Stage Company - here

29 ⭐Fun games, recipes, crafts, activities (Highlights Kids)- here

30 ⭐Fun songs to help teach preschool students - here

31 ⭐Geography with National Geographic - here

32⭐Go Geo-catching - here

33⭐Google Earth. All sorts of incredible learning - here

34⭐Grammar - Work on the 8 parts of speech - here

35⭐Kid-friendly workouts (Sworkit) - here

36⭐Kids News - here

37⭐Kids numbers - here

38⭐Learn a language (Duolingo) - here

39⭐Learn about different cultures & countries (35,000 pages of online content on various cultures & countries) - here

40⭐Learn about history (Type in any city/state/country to view archived historical photographs & documents.) - here

41 ⭐Learn and Laugh: All encompassing site for kids - here

42 ⭐Learn At home (Scholastic Kids) - here

43 ⭐Learn Geography skills (Using images from Google’s Street View, it puts players down in the middle of the street & asks them to figure out where they are) - here

44 ⭐Learn Maths in a fun way - here

45 ⭐Learn Science - Mystery Science - here

46 ⭐Learn to code - here

47 ⭐Learn with Culinary skills (Illustrated recipes encouraging culinary skills, literacy, maths & science that help kids age 2-12 cook)) - here

48 ⭐Learn: Maths for all ages - here

49 ⭐Learn: STEM List by The Science, Space and Technology Committee - here

50 ⭐Learn: Daily Activities to play and learn (PBS Kids) - here

51 ⭐Learn: National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF ) - STEM Education - here

52 ⭐Learn: Touch Typing - here

53 ⭐Listen to astronauts read stories from space - here

54 ⭐Live video of the National Zoo and Smithsonian Learning Lab (Smithsonian) - here

55 ⭐Make your own animated videos with Go Animate - here

56 ⭐Maths as a fun part of your daily family routine - here

57 ⭐Maths Frame - here

58 ⭐Maths games galore (Gridclub) - here

59 ⭐Melbourne Zoo also has live webcams - here

60 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Every Mind Site - Tips of Self Care) - here

61 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Headspace Weathering the Storm" program) - here

62 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Beyond Blue) - here

63 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Rachel Wright, a New York City-based therapist, is holding free virtual group check-ins) - here

64 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Calm App for guided meditations and tracks to fall asleep) - here

65⭐Mental Health Resources (Guided meditation audio recordings for adults and children. Email them for a free subscription) - here

66 Mental Health Resources (Mood and Daily activity tracker to create a schedule that benefits you.) - here

67 ⭐Mental Health Resources (Various informative articles.) - here

68 ⭐Metropolitan Opera Nightly Live Streams - here

69 ⭐Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts (GoNoodle)- here

70 ⭐Music is for everyone (Chrome Music Lab) - here

71 ⭐Musical Adventure with Virtual Musical Instruments - here

72 ⭐NASA initiative to Learn - here

73 ⭐NASA's free Space Center Houston app - here

74 ⭐Nike Training Club App with a range of workouts from beginner to advanced. - here

75 ⭐Online classes for kids (Outschool) - here

76 ⭐Online Courses Founded by Harvard & MIT‎ (edX) - here

77 ⭐Online history classes for all ages preteen through adults - here

78 ⭐Prezi (make your presentations zoom) - here

79 ⭐Projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing (Scholastic) - here

80 ⭐Puzzles - here

81 ⭐Read: Amazon Books (Free Kindle Books) - here

82 ⭐Read: Amazon Books - here

83 ⭐Read: Open Library - here

84 ⭐Read: Williamsburg Regional Library - here

85 ⭐Red Tent Art (Step-by-step instructions on art projects including origami, 3D cards, clay pots, etc) - here

86 ⭐Science Experiments that you can do at home (Steve Spangler Science) - here

87 ⭐Science podcasts to listen to with your kids - here

88 ⭐Scratch teaches students all about coding - here

89 ⭐The British Museum (Virtual London visit to the Great Court, the ancient Rosetta Stone & Egyptian mummies) - here

90 ⭐The Kid Should See This - here

91 ⭐Think Design explores various careers - here

92 ⭐Tour Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland - here

93 ⭐Tour Cliffs of Moher in Ireland - here

94 ⭐Tour DISNEY!!! - here

95 ⭐Tour performing arts centers around the world - here

96 ⭐Tour Places around the world with Google Arts and Culture - here

97 ⭐Tour Places around the world with Google Arts and Culture - here

98 ⭐Tour the Guggenheim Museum in New York City - here

99 ⭐Tour The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks" in the US

(5 national parks, including Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, and Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida.) - here

100 ⭐Udemy - here

101 ⭐Virtual dance sessions on Instagram - here

102 ⭐Virtual Field Trips - here

103 ⭐Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium in California - here

104 ⭐Visit Museums Including New York’s Museum of Modern Art & Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum - here

105 ⭐Visit Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - here

106 ⭐Visit The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida - here

107 ⭐Visit The Louvre (Paris) - here

108 ⭐Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art - here

109 ⭐Visit The Picasso Museum - here

110 ⭐Visit The San Diego Zoo (Live webcam for animals) - here

111 ⭐Yoga and mindfulness for kids (Cosmic Kids) - here

112 ⭐Young Explorers (You can listen to the magazine being read to you while following along with the highlighted text) - here

Have fun and Be sure to spread the word about Angel's Escapades around so that others can access the sites.

** This list is updated periodically. So check back in, to see if anything new crops up :)

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