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ASX Sharemarket Game - 2020... Join the League

​Hey Guys! Hope you’ve been following the occasional bits I’ve been posting on the other platforms.

Some of us in Melbourne are stuck in ISO… and admittedly, it has been a tad tough. I’ve created a league on the ASX game so that we can try our hand out together on the ASX Sharemarket Game. If you’re new to the finance terms, fret not.

Post a comment/message on IG/FB and I’ll try to put together something to clarify it. There will be occasional posts where we go through some of the amazing content that the ASX has put up as part of the educational resources on the game, along with other little interesting bits.

For a start, here’s how to get involved & be a part of the journey along with me.

You are invited to join my ASX Sharemarket Game league:

To join:

1) Go to the new ASX portal -

2) Select Login

3) If you are new to the Game & have not previously signed up to MyASX, select "Join Now."

4) If you are a previous MyASX user, login with your MyASX username & password and you will be prompted to update your password.

5) Once you have logged into the portal, select the ASX Sharemarket Game and register for the Game.

6) To join the league

Under the "Game play" menu, select "Leagues" and then "Join leagues".

Enter in the details below:

League ID: 31373

Password: 123InvestorsAP

You will be joining the league: Angel Investors

6) And that's it... success

You have now successfully joined the league.

May the force be with us!

*Standard disclaimers apply – refer to* This is purely out of interest and since I love number crunching!*

I've also started a Trading View account - you can do this for free - Where you can create & run scripts to figure out optimal buy/sell points. Refer to my next post for more details on that!

Click here to join & if you upgrade to a premium plan, we'll both get some spare credits to use.



Address: -

Phone: -

Time: The game runs till 25 Nov 2020

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