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“2020....A New Year Awaits”

2020 Fireworks at Marina Bay Singapore

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, “It will be happier” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Happy 2020!!!

Today is a brand-new day, the first workday of the year. Getting started now, will build momentum in the long run. The to-do list of the year seems long and getting constantly added to, with calls and emails flooding in even before I've gotten back from my year-end holiday! Whew... The start of the roller-coaster seems exciting enough for me to jump in and attack them all, but here's where being mindful of taking each thing as it comes and PRIORITISING, comes into play, I guess. *Mental note - check*

This time around, I've not jumped into the New year with a whole bunch of ideas on what I'm going to do. Rather, I'll be making a conscious effort to build myself up each day, tackling things in small bits and using my calendar more often.

With the new slate, walking around aimlessly is doing no good. Hence the process of goal setting is what I'm embarking on this month as a constant work-in-progress. Work, Health, Career, are some of the pillars that I'd be focusing on. Do note that as stated in the disclaimers, the information provided is just an insight into what and how we're doing things, they are in no way advice or recommendations that are set in stone, so please do your DUE DILLIGENCE. As always, if you need a hand or get stuck in the process, do reach out via any of the platforms. There is no right/wrong, in the process. Be you, Be Uniquely you.

For a start, AE will be growing in baby steps. In the past, I've had constant streaks of good restaurants followed by a string of places that I'd rather not go back to. Over here, as a community, I'd rather write about and have a collection of places that we'd go back to, instead of posting all the places generically. *Quality over Quantity* We wouldn’t put forth something that we reckon is not worth your time/wallet. Having said that, do follow us on Instagram, to know more in real-time.

As there are heaps of other people out there with amazing tips to share, when I come across them, I'd be highlighting them as well. Sharing is caring and Why keep the good stuff to yourself right?! As a community, I hope that my Escapades and Adventures will inspire you in one way or another.

Surround yourself with good vibes and positivity. If someone dulls your sparkle, you wish them well & move on. If having a momentary rant might help or is unavoidable, have a go but remember not to let 5 mins ruin your whole day! I read an article online about How-To-Stop-A-Bad-Moment-From-Ruining-Your-Whole-Day and I'll share that.

Part of why I've had a busy year included pursuing my 3rd degree out of Passion, relocating to a new place, modelling (A chance encounter that I enjoyed!), teaching and working in a new place. Along with the change, came countless setbacks and moments of despair. While pursuing my science degree, I now have increased awareness on Mental Health Issues. And recognising that it’s OK, to not be OK all the time is a yardstick that we apply easily to others, but rarely ourselves. We are our harshest critics, and when a plan or something unexpected crops up, reacting to it is natural. But turning it into our favour, takes mindful practice. An art, that I am still learning and evolving. Although NLP has changed me in the past, occasionally, I tend to forget that I can alter my mindset.

On an 8-hour long flight on Xmas Eve, I was surrounded by 8 kiddos. While I sat in my seat, I thought, "Oh-boy, here we go!". Little did I expect to have learning lessons while up in the air. If that wasn't the heavens talking to me or the universe sending me signs, it might have been self-realisation! The kids around me were entertained by their little devices, painting, rearing fishes in aquariums, building and knocking down houses and whatnots, throughout the journey. A little boy who was barely 4, sat next to me, and his dad sat on the other side of him. After 2 episodes of cartoons and the seatbelt sign went off, their conversation went something like this:

Dad: What did you enjoy about today? Did you do anything you liked?

Kid: Plane, Ice-cream.

Dad: That's great buddy. How fortunate are we to be able to go on a holiday and have treats that others may not get to do as often?

Dad: What is something you are grateful for?

Kid: *Blank stare*

Dad: Something that you are glad to have or thankful for?

Kid: House

Dad: Kudos Champ! We sure must be grateful for our home. Now with all the fires, people are losing homes and it must be hard for them, isn't it? Let's see how we can help when we get back, maybe via donating them something. Would you like that?

Kid: *Shrugs*

Dad: Now, what are you most looking forward to, tomorrow?

Kid: Bali

Dad: No, that's not until next week. Our beach holiday is next week, we are transiting in another country first.

Kid: Swim?

Dad: Would you like that? I guess we could go for a swim in our hotel's pool. I wasn't planning on it, but sure, why not.

The questions and the age of the kid surprised me. How often do we think about the questions that the Dad asked the Kid? At the start, I wondered how a child could understand or even comprehend what he was asked. Over time, I realised that consciously practicing gratefulness and celebrating the small wins, along with looking forward to the day tomorrow, are important and essential. When my down times hit me, my family never failed to remind me that there is another day tomorrow, never give up and Don't forget that you can handle Anything!

With that, I shall put a pause on this here, while everyone enjoys the festivities, extensions of Christmas and all things that bring joy! I enjoy Christmas and cheers, so I've decided to continue eating that Fruit cake and Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake while toasting the start of the new decade :D

Happy New Year & I hope the year ahead brings you all that you desire and more.


Angel's Escapades

“Let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” —

Rainer Maria Rilke

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